Hunting Land In SW Wisconsin

by: Jay Frazier

Hunting of most any type has been a long standing tradition in Wisconsin, but deer hunting especially brings enthusiasts to a fever pitch. Much of southwest Wisconsin is prime whitetail deer habitat, so every November the blaze orange army descends on rural areas to seek out these critters. Hunters and non-hunters alike observe the opening day of the gun hunting season with revered traditions. For those not in the know, beware of planning any special events on this day; deer hunting will be the top priority.

Whitetail Deer

I captured this photo of a whitetail buck with a game camera
a couple weeks ago as he walked by my hunting spot.

The geography of southwest Wisconsin having agricultural fields intertwined with wooded hillsides creates a whitetail utopia. While Wisconsin has preserved over 62,000 acres for public hunting in the southwest portion of the state, it can often feel crowded in those woods. With license sales exceeding 600,000 it’s bound to be difficult to find a place on public lands where you don’t see another hunter during a morning stand.

Whitetail Buck game camera

Another game camera photo captured at night with infrared light.

I take deer hunting pretty seriously as my wife will attest. Bow hunting is a passion of mine and from it I have learned you can vastly improve the quality of your hunt by managing the land specifically for deer. Approximately half of the buyers I work with every year are seeking their own hunting paradise with habitat management in mind. Additionally, they are making a long term investment in farmland and/or timberland while providing a wealth of outdoor opportunities for camaraderie and experiences worthy of mention in any memoir.  Perhaps this facet of the real estate market is fairly small in the grand scheme of things but here in southwest Wisconsin the hunting culture makes a strong impact.

Real Estate is also something I take very seriously. Connecting sellers and buyers to create a successful transaction is a challenge I readily accept, especially when the hills and valleys of SW Wisconsin are at the heart of it.

Oak Tree Richland County WI

Whitetail Utopia in Richland County Wisconsin

The southwest Wisconsin hunting land region discussed here covers these counties: Grant County, Crawford County, Vernon County, Richland County, Sauk County, Iowa County, Lafayette County


2 responses to this post.

  1. Private hunting land seems to be getting harder and harder to find.



  2. I agree with the previous comment. But wow, if I could find a plot with a buck like that one?! I’d be sold.



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