QDMA’s Whitetail Report 2010

by: Jay Frazier

All of us whitetail hunters like to think that we’re a little better than the “average Joe” when it comes to harvesting trophy deer. As good as we may be I’m sure you’ve noticed as I have that there’s a few hunters that seem to take wall hangers on such a regular basis that it has to be more than “just good luck”. A careful study of these overachievers will reveal that they have at least three things in common. One is that they spend a lot of time in the woods. As the saying goes, “you can’t shoot a buck while watching football”.  The second thing they have in common is a quality area to hunt and intimate knowledge if it. The third thing that repeatedly puts their name in the record books is an above average knowledge of their quarry.

While most of us don’t have as much time to hunt as we would like and we all can’t afford hundreds of acres of prime habitat, more knowledge does help us optimize what we have. The QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) is here to help us do just that. They’ve just rolled out the Whitetail Report 2010 which is a wealth of information on harvest statistics, habitat management and knowing which deer to harvest to improve your deer herd. I’ve attached the link below or you can just go to their website at www.qdma.com  to speed your learning curve.


I hope you enjoy the report as I have and remember it’s never too early to plan for the 2010 season!


One response to this post.

  1. Excellent point about knowledge… it definitely helps you optimize what you have. I am now convinced that you can have quality hunting even on 20 acres if you optimize what you have. Thanks for helping us (QDMA) make people aware of the Whitetail Report!



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